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47. To the Well for Water

West of Ireland 1895 ref: GOAP 0294                       


This compelling study of fortitude in the essential task of going for water trumps Robert Frost’s poetic suggestion that enabling engagement with the joy of nature revokes the hardship. Resting briefly on the way to the well, time matters not and the girl and her donkey are resigned but accepting. Dreamlike, she is far away from the reality of the moment. The sky (her world) is unbounded and the boreen is infinite. She is beautifully clothed as if she’s heading for the city except she is barefooted – a powerful symbol of the indigenous life she inhabits where time is cyclical rather than linear. The boreen behind her is her past, she stands in its present and it leads forward to her future all in one encapsulated instant


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47. To the Well for Water

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